School profile


  1. Type of school

    Grammar school

  2. Address

    Hochwald-Gymnasium Wadern
    Kaisergarten 1
    66687 Wadern

    Phone 06871 / 90260
    Fax 06871 / 902699

  3. Size

    27 forms (years 5 to 10)
    10 tutor courses (years 11 and 12)

  4. Number of pupils

    413 male pupils
    427 female pupils

  5. Number of staff

    37 male teachers
    32 female teachers

  6. School exchange programmes with our twin schools

    1. Collège/Lycée Jean Moulin in Montmorillon (France)
    2. Collège Jules Lagneau in Metz (France)
    3. Davis Senior High School in Davis, CA (USA)
      Vanden High School in Fairfield, CA (USA)
    4. CGT in Toma (Burkina Faso)
    5. IES Villa de Mazo (Canarias/Espana)
    6. Middle School No. 1 in Fuzhou (China)
  7. Co-operation with other institutions

    1.  Co-operation with local companies and firms
    2.  Co-operation with local clubs and firms

The Hochwald-Gymnasium was founded on May 2nd, 1957. In its first year the school consisted of one class of 46 (male and female) pupils. Today 836 pupils attend the Hochwald-Gymnasium and they belong to 35 forms and classes.

Some features of our school profile are

  • the promotion of inter-cultural learning by means of school exchange programmes with our twin schools abroad:

    • Collège/Lycée Jean Moulin in Montmorillon (France)
    • Collège Jules Lagneau in Metz (France)
    • Davis Senior High School in Davis, CA (USA)
      Vanden High School in Fairfield, CA (USA)
    • CGT in Toma (Burkina Faso)
    • Middle School No. 1 in Fuzhou (China)

      and by hosting and chaperoning groups of foreign students within the  framework of the programme organized by the Deutsche Pädagogische Austauschdienst,
  • the promotion of pupils’ abilities and interests by a diversification of the school curriculum in two language tiers ( English - French – Spanish or English - French– Latin) and a scientific tier ( English - French – physics),
  • the purposeful use of the new media aiming at improving the pupils’ capacity to learn independently and individually (implementation of a new approach to learning),
  • the spread of values and virtues like being helpful, respectful, polite, tidy and so on as part of the school’s educational commitment,
  • the spread of  economic knowledge and insight by practicals and by the introduction of business studies into the school curriculum as well as by project studies carried out by pupils in close co-operation with local firms,
  • close co-operation with parents e.g. organisation of teacher-parent  seminars,
  • a wide variety of extracurricular activities (project groups and study groups) which help students to develop and promote their abilities and interests,
  • the co-operation with local and regional companies and institutions, e.g. the co-operation with the radio operators of the city of Wadern without whose collaboration the realisation of the ARISS project at the Hochwald-Gymnasium would not have been possible.